How Buying Croissants Can Save You Money

Not as innocent as it looks...

Not as innocent as it looks...

Before you reach for that first cup of coffee, read the fine print.

Lately, I’ve noticed that more and more hotels are charging for breakfast separately – and I’ve been absolutely horrified by the prices that they’ve set.  My own survey (unscientific, based on the last 5-10 hotels I’ve stayed in) priced this optional extra at between 15 – 25 pounds. Ouch!

Last night I was searching for a cheap hotel in Valencia – same situation. One hotel even listed breakfast as 30 euros. Thirty euros?!

What are they planning on serving – caviar on toast at 7:30 in the morning? Lobster with your bread roll?

And just in case there’s any confusion, these were not high-end, exclusive, luxury hotels. Oh no.

The richly-golden plus side to this development is that you can opt out of this. Take your £50 between two, buy a fry-up in London or a croissant in Paris, and still have enough left over for dinner out for two. You then also avoid the last minute dash for breakfast in the morning or the disappointment when they seem to have run out of lobster after all.

The Catch?

Well, not every establishment advertises this option – and it may be too late to change once you’ve booked. So, remember to ask – or run through my ‘before you book’ checklist if that helps.


Local Eateries - cheaper, nicer, better

Local Eateries - cheaper, nicer, better

The Second Catch?

Outside of main cities, local cafés can be pretty scarce and you may have to wait until lunchtime. If you’re getting up early, it may be wiser to a) cough up the cash or b) squirrel in a pot-noodle and hope the room has a kettle, depending on your personality circumstances. I once spent a very hungry six hours wandering around southwest France’s Albi before anything else opened…

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