How to Use the London Underground – Part 2

By Annie Mole

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Tips for Using the London Underground

6- Queues. Queueing has been described as a British institution. If you’re not sure what ticket you need, join the queue. If you DO know – then use an automated ticket machine.

7- How long will it take? Start with an estimate of 10 minutes per journey, plus 2 minutes for each station in between. Allow around five minutes to change lines – and if you’re travelling for something important, then allow at least an hour overall, regardless.

8- Keep hold of your ticket. You need to feed it into the machine at the start – and then again at the end of your journey.

9- On the wrong train? Doesn’t matter. Every train has a map listing the stations for the line you are travelling on, plus a map that gives an overview of the whole system. If you’re heading in the wrong direction, get off and change platforms without passing through the ticket barriers. Head back the way you wanted.

By James Cridland

10- Stand on the right

on escalators – or risk the wrath of harried locals.

Part 3 of How to Use the London Underground 

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