How to Use the London Underground – Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of the series on How to Use the London Underground. Missed the first two? Start here.


London Underground - by Annie Mole

11) Avoid eye contact

while on the train. It’s just what you do.

12) Let people off the train before you try to get on to it (it depresses me that anyone needs this spelled out to them, but that’s the way of the world.)

13) Move right inside the carriages…in rush hour, space is tight. Walk on, walk on.

14) Ask. The streets of London are filled with people racing past you, doing anything to avoid eye contact. Don’t ask them. Instead, ask the station staff.

15) Enjoy. Using the London Underground is one way to really get to know the capital and its people. Look out for buskers, poetry, history, fashion and everyday life as Londoners travel across their city.

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