How to Visit London’s Top Theatres For Less

A Guest Post By Yuli Linssen-Kaminitz from

Visiting London, never mind living there, can be extremely expensive. What makes the situation even worse is the fact that the city has so much to offer and the temptations are too hard to resist!

London’s Theatres for Less

One of the things London is famous for is its great theatre shows: drama acts with many excellent improvisations, comedy performances with brilliant black humour and the loveable musicals.

So, what is the best advice for someone who loves London and wants to experience it to the max?  These tips and tricks to get into London’s top theatres for less…

1. “tkts”-

This wonderful organisation was established in 1980 and since then it has become the most famous “half price” ticket booth in London. tkts is managed by the Society of London Theatre and their main aim is to give every person, rich or poor, the option to go to the theatre. Visit their booth either in the Clocktower building in the centre of Leicester Square or in the Brent Cross shopping center.  To find more locations and information visit their site at

2. “”-

This is a brilliant way to get a cheaper theatre ticket without even leaving the house! The site offers a secure payment system and a guarantee that you will have the same seat you requested on the reservation form. Visiting their site will not only assure you a ticket to the best show in town, it will also give you the option to explore some hotter deals such as: “buy a theatre ticket and get a free night in a Central London hotel!”

3. Standby-

You will be surprised by the number of theatres that offer standby purchase options- even the biggest shows get cancellations from time to time! Unfortunately for some of you, this opportunity is only available for 60+ retired citizens, students who study full time or members of the theatre union. In order to get a standby ticket, you will need to arrive about an hour before the show starts. If there are any tickets left, you can buy them for up to 70% off the original price!

4. Go with all your friends!

This is by far our favourite solution! If you book tickets for a group of 10 or more people, you can ask for a discount. The more people, the cheaper the price gets! Before buying tickets, call the theatre you wish to go to, tell them your situation, be polite and see if they can make an offer!

5. Move After Lights Out

This is a tricky one indeed, but worth trying. The further you are from the stage, the cheaper the ticket. Wait until the lights are out and the play has started, and then sneak quickly to the front to take up any empty seats. Good luck! specialises in discount rates on hotels all over the world, from simple motels all the way up to celebrated 5-star venues. For more information about hotels in London, visit their site!

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