The Rodin Museum, Paris

The Kiss - Rodin

The Kiss - Rodin

The Rodin Museum displays some of the world’s best-loved sculptures, such as The Thinker and The Kiss, against an accessible and elegant backdrop in Paris.


Not only does the Museé Rodin showcase art that even jaded skeptics find intriguing, it does so within the extended manicured gardens and airy rooms of an 18th century mansion in the heart of Paris.

Today, Auguste Rodin is considered one of France’s greatest sculptors, but just like J.K. Rowling and Elvis Presley, he was rejected several times along the way.

The Thinker - Penseur

The Thinker - Penseur

His most well-known works include the grim-faced The Thinker, the sensual intertwined lovers in The Kiss and his expressive series exploring hands. He eventually donated his work to the French state, on the condition that it was to be displayed in public. France responded by arranging his work – from immense outdoor sculptures to delicate indoor sketches – in the grand Hôtel Biron.

Hôtel Biron - Joseph Cesare

Hôtel Biron - Joseph Cesare

A visit to the Rodin Museum fits in well with an afternoon spent wandering around the Invalides area in Paris (the district that also includes the Eiffel Tower.) You can buy tickets on site or online, although many groups of people are entitled to free access.

Entrance is free for everyone on the first Sunday of each month. Musee Rodin: 79, rue de Varenne, Paris, 75007 Nearest Metro: Invalides or Varenne, line 13.

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