6 Reasons Why It’s Better to Travel Hand Luggage Only

Travelling Light - by Mollypop

Travelling Light - by Mollypop

I’ve long since thought that hand luggage  – or cabin luggage – only is the best way to travel at the weekend.

 Here are the advantages:

 1)      Pay less with most budget airlines

 Easyjet, Ryanair and, for example, charge you for luggage stored in the hold.

 2)      Better seats with some budget airlines

 Check in online with Easyjet, travel hand luggage only, and you’re almost always in their boarding group A. That’s straight on the plane after those with young children, illnesses or those who have paid extra for speedy boarding. You get to choose your seat and don’t have to struggle to fit your suitcase into the overhead lockers.

 3)      Avoid queues for check-in or bag drop off at the airport

Turn up, walk straight to security, job done.

 4)      Avoid delays in soulless baggage reclaim

 Once you’re through passport control, your weekend break can start! No hanging around baggage carousels or (shudder) filling in paperwork about lost bags…

 5)      Hidden benefits at the other end

In some airports, you can beat the queues at self-service ticket machines, bus stops and taxi ranks. After all, everyone else is still waiting for their luggage to appear.

 6)      Easier travel on public transport

 Smaller, lighter luggage is much easier to manoeuvre through turnstiles and up and down staircases.

 So, in summary: 

Travel hand luggage only = more time on holiday + more money

 Hang on just a minute – what about the disadvantages?

 Well, you do need to give more thought into how you pack and you do need to spend a couple of minutes reviewing the latest security restrictions on hand luggage. Check out your airline’s limits for the size and weight of your hand luggage as well – otherwise you may have to pay to put your luggage in the hold at the airport. And that, of course, rather misses the point…

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