A Cheap Weekend Break in Jersey

Corbiere Jersey Jersey may share its name with a cow and a quaint woollen sweater but that doesn’t make it dull. When it comes to cheap weekend breaks, Jersey can certainly keep you entertained.

I’ve travelled there a couple of times but I got in touch with former resident Susie Froude, for some inside information. Here’s how she recommends spending a cheap weekend break in Jersey:

Enjoy the Great Outdoors at the Weekend in Jersey

Jersey has plenty of stunning coastline.It is an island after all…

For walking, take the path to Elizabeth Castle, built by Walter Raleigh and used as a hiding place by the future King Charles II during the Civil War. The walkway gets washed over by the tide so you’d better be quick…

For lounging on the sand, travel to Beauport Beach. Protected by cliffs on three sides and a smug covering of golden sand, Beauport is Susie’s favourite beach because it’s “small and nearly always empty.”

St Ouens BaySurf the waves at St Ouens Beach, which stretches for a delicious three miles of white sand. Recover from all that exertion with brunch at Big Verns, “possibly the best brunch establishment in the known world.”


Catch Up on Some History in Jersey

Nazi Germany invaded and occupied Jersey in World War II, an experience captured in the Jersey War Tunnels of the underground hospital. Entry is free to the Research Centre, War Trail and Garden of

Delight Your Tastebuds in Jersey

Celebrate peacetime and all that outdoor activity with a slap-up meal at the Salty Dog Bistro in St Aubin. “the best place for dinner, although booking is essential.”

Practical Advice for a Cheap Weekend Break in Jersey

A number of attractions close over the winter, so check availability before you book with the websites listed above.  Photo Credits: Davey-Boy & Photomage.

  • Adrian says:

    Great article and captures some of the great attractions Jersey has to offer.

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