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Welcome to Cheap Weekend Breaks, a personal and passionate guide to help you to reclaim your weekends.

 A new kind of blog for weekend breaks away

Cheap Weekend Breaks is dedicated to helping you find your perfect weekend break by drawing on real experience and giving you value for money by beating the system.

You only have one life, make sure it’s one that excites you

We don’t believe that you need to quit your job in order to relax or to explore the world. And you don’t need to have a trust fund and stay in £2000/night luxury hotels either. Nor do you have to eat baked beans cold from the can.

 Travel advice you’d tell your friends

Cheap Weekend Breaks follows strict ethical guidelines and always points out when something can be done for less – better yet for free – without compromising on quality.

 Explore the world, one weekend at a time

Here you’ll find weekend-sized parcels of information with photos, stories and practical tips that will tell you everything you need to know for a well-deserved break. Unwrap and enjoy wherever your inspiration takes you.

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Do you have great tips you’d like to share? Comments you’d like to make? Questions you’d like to ask? Type away in the comments!

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