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Keys - by BohmanThe Short Version

A) I don’t collect any personal information about you. If you leave a comment, I ask you to enter a valid email address as a way of keeping spammers away from the site.

B) I wouldn’t know how to

C) I wouldn’t want to. I’d rather spend my time planning my next weekend break…


The Longer Version – Privacy on the Web in General

Cookie by visualpanicAdvertisers and affiliates may collect information about you if you complete a survey or other request for personal information.

“Cookies” may store information in your temporary internet files to monitor traffic and to work out which site you visited after this one. This won’t identify you personally. A common example of a cookie is one which offers to remember your password when you visit a site.

Whenever you visit any website, certain information gets logged. This includes inf ormation such as what browser you’re using (Internet Explorer vs Firefox, for example), which country you’re in and how long you stay on the site.

I cannot tell who you are from this information.

For Extra Security

You can disable or delete cookies and temporary internet files. See your browser help for more information. Be warned, however, that you can mess a few things up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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