September 29

Getting to and from Bristol Airport

Central Bristol
Central Bristol

Bristol airport has a beautiful glass panel wall that overlooks the best of the English countryside.

Unfortunately that means that it’s not actually that close to the city (seven miles away) and its connections are not what you might expect if you’re used to travelling through Gatwick or Heathrow. To avoid problems, planning helps.


– there is NOT a train station here.

Buses travel to the nearest station, which is Bristol Temple meads about 30 mins away. Traffic around Bristol can get incredibly congested around peak hours so if you are relying on the bus to get you to an important next connection or to get you to the airport in time for your flight, then I would suggest predicting at least an hour for this journey.

The bus goes by the name of the Bristol International Flyer, costs just under £10 for a return and departs approximately every half hour. You can find up to date prices and timetables here.

On the plus side, Bristol Temple Meads Station has plenty of connections with Wales, Cornwall and London and plenty of indoor waiting space and services.


Car Parking –

Bristol Airport offers quite a good range of car parks and they are all close to the terminal. However, they’re not all that cheap. You can often find cheaper private parking services off site with companies that pick you up and drop you off at the terminal. You can save a lot of money this way – but of course it takes longer and is less convenient.

To get free directions from wherever you are in the UK, check the AA Route Planner.

Always try to book your parking in advance to get a better deal – the earlier the better.


Bus Routes

– slim pickings again, I’m afraid. Most options require you to travel on the Bristol International Flyer into Bristol bus station. There is an overnight option from Penzance that arrives at the airport at around 2a.m…


Car Hire –

Several car hire companies have offices here – and the pick-up and drop-off is very close to the main terminal. Again, it’s usually cheaper if you book in advance – and make sure you check whether you can get a reduction with your flight ticket. Easyjet, for example, offers a number of reductions with other car rental firms.


Taxis –

Well, if you’re desperate to spend some cash, I suppose! If you think you need a taxi then try to book one in advance (spot the theme) and preferably from a company near where you live rather than the airport firm. You may be able to negotiate a cheaper fare this way.

So, that’s getting to and from Bristol Airport. Oh, I forgot to mention, parking is free if you travel by motorbike. You have to travel very lightly if you’re going to take that option, though…


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  1. This is a good guide, the Bristol Airport website has some good info as well, i’ve taken the bus in the past.

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