November 23

Getting to London from Heathrow Airport

bigben cartoonLondon is vast and so is Heathrow Airport. You’ll have plenty of options for reaching central London – although some will be easier than others. Here’s a roundup:

By Bus

National Express Coaches head to London Victoria. This is a good way to do things if you then want to travel by coach around the UK or by train to the south coast. The journey takes around an hour (or more) on account of the congested London traffic. London Victoria is well connected to the London Underground.

By Train

Lots of options – and it’s no surprise that the easiest are the more expensive.

Heathrow Express – this only takes 15 minutes, is sleek and comfortable and takes you right to Paddington Station (the main station for journeys to the West and to Wales, as well as part of the London Underground network). However, at the time of writing the Heathrow Express charges £16.50 for a standard class single.

Heathrow Connect – makes a few more stops than the Heathrow Express and only runs every 30 minutes but it is much cheaper. (Currently £7.90 for a single).

The London Underground – the Piccadilly Line runs from Heathrow Airport right to Piccadilly Circus and beyond. It’s definitely the cheapest option (£4) – however you’ll have to battle with your luggage and the journey will take around an hour.

Scroll bottom left in the map below and keep on going.


By Taxi

Takes all the hassle out of the situation – and most of the money out of your wallet. Starting at £50 and rising rapidly to £75 – £100 the journey should take around an hour. It’s almost always better to travel in by public transport and then pick up a taxi from one of the main stations (Victoria, Paddington, Waterloo, King’s Cross) if you need help to get to your hotel.

However, if you must, here’s the list of taxi services recommended by Heathrow Airport. If you book in advance you may be able to get a discount.

By Car

Heathrow Airport has plenty of car rental companies, but watch out for the congestion charge.  You must pay £8 per day to drive in or through central London. Cameras monitor the fringes of the central zone and send fines to the vehicle owner if the charge hasn’t been paid. Find all the nitty-gritty here.

Liftshare – if you’re feeling brave then try this website to partner up with people making the same journey as you. Do follow all the safety tips, though.

What to do in London when you get there?

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