November 13

Getting To and From Seville Airport

The airport in Seville (SVQ) is small, shiny and new. It’s a respectable distance from the centre of Seville and it’s also well-connected by road to the slick motorways that lead to Jerez, Faro, Marbella, Granada, Malaga and Cordoba.

Seville OrangesThe only thing it lacks, really, is the comfort of rail travel (including automated machines and well-signalled stops.) However you get in or out of Seville Airport, you’ll need to speak some Spanish.

By Taxi

Taxis wait in a line outside arrivals. It should cost no more than 22€ to get to the centre, but traffic can stretch the 15 minute journey into 45 at peak times.

By Bus

Buses run every 30 minutes to the main bus station in the centre of Seville, stopping at a few handy places along the way. If you’re strong, you can walk to most central hotels from the bus station. If not, there are usually taxis lurking around.

Buses start at 6.15 and run until 11pm. Returns cost €4. You can find up to date fares and timetable information here. 

Car Hire

You can find the usual suspects on the ground floor.

Got There Too Early? Too Late? Forgot to Buy Any Presents?

The airport in Seville has all the basic facilities you’d expect – toilets, food and some duty-free. It is fairly small, however, so the shops aren’t open 24 hours a day. The meals, also, are unlikely to be memorable…

Click here for a free guide to Seville.


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