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Sightseeing in Florence


Florence – by jonrawlinson

For a relaxing weekend break away, with some of the best art, culture and architecture in Europe, Cecil Lee recommends Florence in Italy’s Tuscany.

“Planning your weekend trip to Florence is much easier and cheaper than ever before,” he says.

Here are his suggestions:

Sightseeing in Florence

1) In the morning, climb the stairs in Duomo, the most famous cathedral in Florence. It’ll give you the best view of the city, although you’ll have to climb 460 spiral steps first.

2) Then visit the Accademia Gallery. Spend a few hours relaxing and seeking out David, the world famous sculpture from my favourite sculptor, Michelangelo.

Florence’s Duomo, by Alaskandude

3) Walk along the Arno, Florence’s main river, to reach the Vecchio Bridge, where shops sell jewellery, art and souvenirs. The view is marvellous, especially in the evening just before the sun sets.

4) Catch a panoramic view of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo, south of the old town, where it’s worth setting up your camera and tripod.

5) It’s easy to find a wonderful Italian dinner and gelato dessert throughout the town and for some late night excitement, visit the Irish Pubs or Bebop for a pint or two.

Ponte Vecchio – by rayced

6) Next morning, wake up early and stroll through the impressive San Lorenzo market, with its high quality local leather shoes, wallets, bags and so on.

The author: Cecil Lee is an avid traveller and passionate travel blogger and photographer living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


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