The 5 Most Romantic City Breaks 

 August 7, 2009

By  The Weekend Team

Venice - Classical Romance
Venice – Classical Romance

Well, in one way of course, romance is in the eyes of the beholder. On the other hand, let’s be realistic. I don’t know anyone who would consider pig-farming or a weekend trip to visit the in-laws as the height of romance.

If you think you need to play it safe then stick to the top of the list….

Reclining in a gondola in the peaceful, narrow canals of this watery city. Enjoying a range of ice-creams (and bursting into Just one cornetto….refrains every time you hear the tune.) Sipping local wine by candlelight by the Grand Canal. I loved it. I’ve also heard lots of people complain that Venice can be crowded, hot and smelly. My advice? Travel in spring or summer to avoid both these problems without losing any of the atmosphere.
What with the sexy French accent, the golden light of the Eiffel Tower at night and wonderful food, I dare anyone not to succumb to romance in the City of Light. Travel in the summer to make the most of strolling along the Seine and wandering through the side streets of St Germain des Prés to the Rue de Fürstenberg.
Forget anything you’ve heard about stag parties. It’s possible to avoid them altogether and snuggle beneath scarves and coats, hand in hand, breathing out mist on the famous Charles Bridge. Then dive into cosy bars for hearty food and a wide range of Czech beer.
As the home of Jane Austen, creator of Mr Darcy himself, Bath squeezes cosy restaurants and hotels into its Georgian architecture. Everything in the city centre can be reached by foot, from the Royal Crescent to the Roman Baths themselves….and the intriguingly named Pump Rooms.
Although the above options will always be popular, the most romantic city break of all is the one that shows that you really know the other person. Actually listened to them. So whether that’s partying hard in Brighton, wine-tasting in Bordeaux or actually putting on wellies and going pig-farming, if it’s what they want, then that’s the weekend break you should arrange. Although, if their idea of romance truly is visiting their in-laws, then you may have a different problem on your hands…

Abi - The Weekend Team


  • a cheap romantic break is as simple as getting in the car and driving 2 to 3 hours away from where ever home is. Find a small local place to stay, eat at a diner and talk to the locals (find out what is happening over the next night or two), and do a lot of hand holding. We’ve often been invited to home BBQ”S and even a small local concert ,or two. And truth be told…it doesn’t matter what direct you go!

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