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The Most Romantic City Breaks in Europe


Wow your partner and enjoy yourself with this unbeatable collection of romantic weekend breaks in Europe.

The Most Romantic Weekend Breaks in Europe

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1) A Weekend in Venice

Time it right and you won't find a more romantic weekend break in Europe than a short trip to Venice. It's become cool to criticise this watery city but the truth is that it's as romantic as hell.

Reclining in a gondola in the peaceful, narrow canals. Sharing an ice cream and singing Just one cornetto. Sipping local wine by candlelight by the Grand Canal.

Avoid peak season and travel during spring or summer and you'll avoid the crowds but relish the atmosphere.

2) A Getaway to Paris 

What with the sexy French accent, the golden light of the Eiffel Tower at night and wonderful food, no-one can resist the seduction of teh City of LIghts.

Travel in the summer to make the most of strolling along the Seine and wandering through the side streets of St Germain des Prés to the Rue de Fürstenberg.

To make the most of the whimsical Montmartre district, avoid the peak season and travel in September or May instead.

3) A Short Break in Prague

Forget anything you've heard about stag parties. It's possible to avoid them altogether and snuggle beneath scarves and coats, hand in hand, breathing out mist on the famous Charles Bridge. Then dive into cosy bars for hearty food and a wide range of Czech beer.

Unlike many of the other suggestions for romantic weekend breaks in Europe, I'd suggest visiting Prague when it's cold. The Christmas markets bring the romance alive and the landmarks sparkle in the snow. 

  • Plan and book your weekend getaway to Prague here.


4) A Romantic Weekend Break in Bath

As one former home of Jane Austen, creator of Mr Darcy himself, Bath squeezes romantic restaurants and hotels into its Georgian architecture. Everything in the city centre can be reached by foot, from the Royal Crescent to the Roman Baths themselves.

To really dial up the sense of romance on this getaway, soak in the rooftop Bath Thermae Spa and see the skyline of the city through the steam. 

5) Somewhere Personal

The most romantic city break of all is the one that shows that you really know the other person.

Actually listened to them.

So whether that's partying hard in Brighton, wine-tasting in Bordeaux or actually putting on wellies and going pig-farming, if it's what they want, then that's the weekend break you should arrange. 

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  1. a cheap romantic break is as simple as getting in the car and driving 2 to 3 hours away from where ever home is. Find a small local place to stay, eat at a diner and talk to the locals (find out what is happening over the next night or two), and do a lot of hand holding. We’ve often been invited to home BBQ”S and even a small local concert ,or two. And truth be told…it doesn’t matter what direct you go!

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